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Personalized Security Solutions: Safeguarding Your Peace of Mind

Our team of board-certified security leaders are dedicated to helping you protect your people, assets, and reputation.
At Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC, we understand that every client has unique security needs.

That's why we offer personalized solutions designed to address your specific challenges and goals.

Comprehensive Security Risk Management Solutions


We are a Massachusetts-based Security Risk Management Consulting and Training firm with a focus on workplace violence prevention, education and mitigation. We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals while minimizing risks. Whether you need to safeguard your assets, people, information, or reputation, our team of experts is here to support you.


At the core of our work are our values: honesty, integrity, professionalism, and excellence. We believe in building strong, long-term relationships with our clients and partners, founded on trust and respect. As the security industry evolves, we continuously strive to enhance and innovate our services to meet your ever-changing needs.


What sets us apart is our independence. We are solely compensated by our clients and have no affiliations with any product or service providers, ensuring that our recommendations are unbiased and solely focused on what is best for you.


Leading our team is Joseph Paul Manley, a seasoned security consultant with over 30 years of experience, including serving as a member of the United States Capitol Police protecting our nation's most sensitive critical infrastructures, to working as municipal police officer, professional consultant, business owner and adjunct faculty member. 

Security Consulting

Paul understands the challenges organizations face when addressing the threat of violence because he has responded to them with risk mitigation strategies that have proven effective. Paul has personally assessed or responded to thousands of potentially violent situations, developed numerous violence prevention programs and trained others in the areas of crisis intervention, situational awareness, and workplace violence  prevention, education and mitigation.  


Choose us as your trusted security partner, and together, we will achieve your goals while leaving a lasting impact on your organization.

Our Founder: Joseph Paul Manley - Security and Workplace Violence Consultant

Workplace Violence Prevention


Joseph Paul Manley is the Principal Security Consultant and Founder of Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC, an independent security management consulting and training firm based in Massachusetts. His practice focuses on security consulting, risk assessments, crisis management, forensic security, and workplace violence prevention, education, and mitigation.


Paul helps businesses and property owners prevent third party attacks on their visitors and customers by advising them on how to improve their security measures. He specializes in cases involving crimes at diverse types of properties, such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants, malls, shopping centers, business parks, apartments, condominiums, colleges and universities, stadiums, concert halls, and more.


With over 30 years of experience in higher education, security risk management, law enforcement and physical security consulting, Paul provides professional unbiased recommendations based on your needs and industry accepted best practices and standards.


Paul is a member of several professional associations, including the International Association of Professional Security Consultants, ASIS, the Crisis Prevention Institute, National Anger Management Association, Leaders Excellence from Harvard Square, and the International Public Safety Association, where he has served on its Board of Director.


Paul is also the author of How to Stay Calm and Aware in Any Situation: A Practical Guide to Situational Awareness and De-Escalation Strategies.” This guidebook provides knowledge and techniques to develop and enhance situational awareness and de-escalation skills. It teaches how to observe, analyze, and respond to various scenarios that may require these skills, and how to practice and improve your skills through training, self-care, and continuous learning. His passion for security and safety is not just a profession, but a commitment to making the world a safer place.

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Have You Read About Us in The News?

Joseph Paul Manley, Workplace Violence Consultant
Joseph Paul Manley, Founder, Risk Mitigation Technologies, Talks About The Special Security Needs At Houses Of Worship
Security and Workplace Violence Prevention Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Safe and Secure is My Property?
    The Decision to Harden The Physical Security of Your Property Can Bring Up Many Questions: 1. What are our biggest risks? 2. Where are we most vulnerable? 3. What should we fix first? Security risk assessments can answer these questions and put building owners, homeowners and operations managers on a path toward greater safety and peace-of-mind.
  • Why Have a Security Vulnerability Assessment?
    A security site assessment or security risk assessment is an evaluation conducted by an accredited security professional that includes an inventory of the assets to be protected, as well as recommendations on how best to protect them. They are appropriate for nearly any organization –from schools to corporate headquarters, to sporting arenas, houses of worship, manufacturing plants, municipalities, residential properties, restaurants, and hotels.
  • What is a Security Assessment?
    A security assessment identifies your problems and their respective solutions. An Independent Security Consultant can conduct a security assessment at your home or business to determine: Greatest threats to people and property Gaps or areas you’ve overlooked Priority items to tackle right away Knowing these things will help you prioritize, budget, and implement the right security solutions. Owners are exposed to civil liability if something happens, like a hold up in their parking lot during which an employee is hurt or killed. Obviously, that’s a tragic situation. And if litigation ensues, that property owner will have to provide proof that they had the appropriate physical security plans, protocols and equipment in place and that they did due diligence to protect that employee, customer or invited guest. Foreseeability is now part of the conversation when it comes to business, corporate or school security and liability. In essence, foreseeability breaks down into two basic questions: 1. Would a reasonable person be able to foresee that this event was to occur? 2. What did the organization do to mitigate or prevent it? You’ll need to be prepared to answer those questions if there’s an incident at your business. If there’s a lawsuit, counsel might even call in your security consultant and ask him or her to provide proof of a security assessment and your response to their recommendations. They will even dig into the background of your consultant to see if they’re a qualified expert in their field.
  • Who Should Have a Security Assessment?
    This is a simple answer. Any building, school, house of worship, public space, residential or commercial property of any size, which is open to the public and houses employees or students. No matter what you provide as an organization, you must protect your people. People naturally come with domestic issues. Those issues spill over into the workplace and can cause violence. In fact, targeted violence is on the rise and any organization can be at risk. Recent reports of workplace violence coupled with an increase in certain violent crimes, generally means it’s time for employers to update their workplace violence prevention and mitigation plans. Have you?
  • What If I Haven't Assessed My Security Risk in Several Years?
    Are you confident your security program is prioritizing the risks that pose the greatest threat? Can you state with certainty that your organization is using best security practices to control and manage your vulnerabilities? Will you be able to withstand the scrutiny of an OSHA investigation or properly defend against a premise liability allegation? Security Risk Assessments are an excellent way to evaluate your existing security program and a great first step to take prior to making security improvements at your business, apartment buildings, condominiums, and private residences or when trying to solve a specific security problem. Our professionals will conduct an independent evaluation of readiness. We help property managers, homeowners’ associations, individual residents, shopping malls, retailers, corporations, grocery stores, arenas, hotels, bars, and restaurants to accurately assess their security risks and to develop cost effective strategies for the protection of their property, employees, customers and invited guests. Think of it this way, the assessment is your chance to get out ahead it, cover yourself, protect your employees, customers, invited guests and your business before something happens. It’s hard to put a price on that. When people feel safe, they perform better -whether they’re students at school or employees at a small business or large corporation. Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the steps critical to assessing your security risk. Let us help you create a safer and more productive environment by helping you manage your risk and preventing safety and security incidents from occurring.


We are a full-service security consultancy specializing in Forensic Security Consulting for matters arising from personal injury/death, premises liability, negligent security, violent crime victimization.


Security Vulnerability Assessment and Planing are an excellent way to evaluate your existing security program and a great first step to take prior to making security improvements.

Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC’s
Security Vulnerability Assessment and Planing are based on industry standards and guidelines as recommend ed by ASIS International, the world’s largest association for security management; and conducted in a method recommended by the International Association of Professional Security Consultants, the most widely respected and recognized security consultant association in the industry.

We customize our Security Vulnerability Assessment and Planing  for each client, as we understand that each client has individual needs that are unique to their operations. Our purpose is to collaborate with clients to build trust and provide quality services that promote professionalism, ensures fiscal responsibility, reduces the risk of crime, reduces the fear of crime, and promotes safety.


Workplace Violence is the most prevalent security risk for today's businesses. Everyone has the right to feel safe at work, and that means being prepared for the unexpected incidents of workplace violence. How
can you prepare your employees to stay safe in the event of workplace violence?

Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC's
Security Consultants are expert Board-Certified Workplace Violence &
Threat Specialists and provide consultation services for workplace
Violence detection, prevention, incident response and recovery.

Does your Workplace Violence program properly address prevention, mitigation / threat management, response and recovery?


Leveraging decades of research experience, university teaching, and practical security expertise.

Our services include case review, expert testimony, and consultation on security standards and best practices related to security negligence and premises liability.

Venues we have worked with include hotels, bars, apartment complexes, retail outlets and public spaces. We
work with both plaintiff and defense counsel.

Our experience in law enforcement and public safety, security management, physical security consulting and university teaching
provides us the framework to serve as expert witnesses in litigation.

Call for a Schedule of Fees and to discuss your case.

The High Price Businesses Pay for Lacking
De-Escalation Training

Without crisis management and de-escalation training, businesses risk incurring costs from negative customer experiences, escalated conflicts, and potential legal repercussions.


Customer complaints or negative online reviews can harm a business's reputation and deter future customers. Escalated conflicts can lead to physical harm or property damage, resulting in liability and legal fees.


Additionally, employees may suffer mental health issues from dealing with the aftermath of an incident without proper training, leading to absenteeism and decreased productivity.


Overall, the cost of not having de-escalation training can be significant, both financially and in terms of overall business performance.

Ready to discuss your needs or project? Contact us today! (781.632.2953)


Houses of Worship including, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, and Temples are places of faith, religion, ideology, and emotions. It is a place where most individuals feel safe and supported by their community while sharing common views and morals. In recent years, there has been an unprecedented increase of religion-based Hate Crimes in the U.S. Active-Shooter and Knife yielding attacks are no longer strange to the world, and security must be at the best interest of every House of Worship.


Every religious institution is different in size and design. Some places of worship may be a single building with a few attendees. Other places may contain multiple buildings and entrances with thousands attending services and events every day from morning to night with activities for all ages. The design and purpose may be as different as the theology and philosophy taught inside.

Therefore, a Houses of Worship Security and Threat Management program must be uniquely designed for your facility, placing equal priorities on the safety of people, programs, property, and preparedness for emergencies. The level of security will often be determined by financial and personnel resources; yet it is imperative that you do something to protect those who worship with you.



Our customized security programs are focused on YOU, your industry, your vulnerabilities, your specific risks, your goals and objectives. Not all companies have the same concerns and issues so partner with us to get the desired outcomes that you want and need. We will do the research, the interviews, the planning and whatever it takes to deliver the value to your organization.



Do you want to talk with Paul? Schedule a discovery call!

In dependent Security Consulting
Security Standards
Public Safety
Joseph Paul Manley is a member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square
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Your Success is our Success.

"I asked Paul Manley of Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC to come in and train my officers, staff and other University employees in De-escalation Strategies. I found Paul to be a genuine instructor who presented a great program. Paul presents well and he talked about the importance of de-escalation, communication, both verbal and non-verbal, as well as positive community engagement. Paul imparted valuable information for all who attended. The class really enjoyed participating in the role plays. I would recommend Paul and his team to present to your Department , school or business on this topic.”

Ed Callahan, Police Chief / Director of Public Safety (Ret.) at medium-sized private research university within the Metropolitan Boston, Ma. Area.

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