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Expert Independent Security Consulting


We Help You Manage Your Risk, Build Your Resilience and Protect Your Assets

Protect yourself from any potential threats by using the right strategies and solutions. At Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC, we replace uncertainty with answers by addressing your concerns with a unique, customized security plan.

We have assembled a team of leading experts who’ve spent decades in the security risk management arena. Our members include leaders from the highest ranks of Federal Law Enforcement, U.S. Military and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


We are a full-service security consultancy specializing in Forensic Security Consulting for matters arising from personal injury/death, premises liability, negligent security, violent crime victimization.

In addition to expert witness support, we are Board Certified Workplace Violence & Threat Specialists with extensive training and experience in security and risk assessments of all venues, including critical infrastructure.

How We Help

When was the last time you had a professional review of your physical security policies, procedures, environment, and culture? Do you have concerns about the safety of your guests, employees and community? 

We can help you manage your risk, build your resilience, and protect your assets. Our multidisciplinary approach looks at safety and security from every angle to mitigate risks—from the physical environment to the human element to the role of technology.

We deliver expert consulting and litigation support that will help all groups in business and government sectors make more knowledgeable decisions and reduce their risks.

Aside from our consultations, litigation support, and keynotes, we offer training programs to both private and public companies that will lower the risk of injury, reduce potential liability, and improve relationships both in and out of the workplace.

Our training can encompass broad points of view to narrow solution-oriented presentations to meet the challenges of specific business units. We work with institutions to understand their needs and then customize a security solution around the staff, facility, and risk. Our work is tailored directly to each client for those purposes.

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Customized Security Consulting Services & Solutions  


Full-service consulting includes risk assessments, security surveys, management plan development, and guard force planning for your organization. Security assessments completed by Security Consultant based on industry standards and guidelines as recommended by ASIS International, the world’s largest association for security management; and conducted in a method recommended by the International Association of Professional Security Consultants, the most widely respected and recognized security consultant association in the industry, provide an elevated level of risk reduction for your organization.

Workplace Violence Prevention & Threat Management

Workplace Violence is the most prevalent security risk for today's businesses. Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC's Security Consultants are expert Board-Certified Workplace Violence & Threat Specialists and provide consultation services for Workplace Violence detection, prevention, incident response and recovery.

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5 Reason People Hire Me as a Speaker

I have been informing and entertaining audiences as a speaker on optimizing workplace safety and security initiatives for more than 25 years.  

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Safety & Security Training

Our goal is to provide a memorable learning experience for you and your employees. Our instructors leverage “real life” experiences, education, and research to create an engaging training session. At the heart of our programs is helping your employees better understand the dynamics of frustration, aggression, conflict, and confrontation so they can be identified and addressed.

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Security Risk Assessment and Planning

Security Risk Assessments are an excellent way to evaluate your existing security program and a great first step to take prior to making security improvements at your business, apartment buildings, condominiums, and private residences or when trying to solve a specific security problem. Our consultants help property managers, homeowners’ associations, individual residents, shopping malls, retailers, corporations, grocery stores, arenas, hotels, bars, and restaurants to accurately assess their security risks and to develop cost effective strategies for the protection of their property. (Case Studies)

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Litigation Consulting / Security Expert Witness

Our experts have the experience and knowledge to provide expert witness and litigation support services to attorneys representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a range of negligent security litigation.

Our experience in law enforcement and public safety, security management, physical security consulting and university teaching provides us the framework to serve as expert witnesses in litigation.

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Virtual Director of Security Program

Affordable, comprehensive, expert security solutions for any size business.

Regardless of size and scope, just about every organization needs leadership over their security program. Why not receive the benefits of having a board-certified security professional to provide you with consultation and oversight of a Director of Security without the costs associated with full-time employment.

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