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At the heart of our services lies a commitment to transparency, trust, and value. Our goal is to forge robust relationships with our clients, underpinned by open communication, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. We specialize in personalized security solutions, working together with each client to comprehend their unique needs.


This collaborative approach enables us to craft a bespoke plan that integrates smoothly into their lifestyle or business operations. Our dedication to your peace of mind is unwavering, and we are committed to delivering top-tier security services that place your safety at the forefront. Entrust us with the protection of what matters most to you.



Our mission is to equip you with our innovative threat mitigation solutions. We offer unparalleled consulting, advisory, and litigation support, enabling you to make well-informed decisions and minimize risks across all sectors.


However, our commitment does not end there. We also provide comprehensive training programs to both private and public companies. These programs are designed to foster a safety-conscious culture, reduce the risk of injuries, minimize potential liability, and enhance relationships within and beyond the workplace.


Joseph Paul Manley

Discover more about Paul's work and stay updated on his latest projects by visiting Paul's author's page, here!

Delivering Personalized Security Solutions to Safeguard Your Peace of Mind

With over three decades of real-life experience in security risk management, law enforcement, physical security consulting, academia, and pioneering security program innovation, we are dedicated to transforming your environment into a safer and more productive space. Our journey is fueled by real-life experiences and award-winning innovation, all aimed at one goal - your safety.

Our approach is collaborative and personalized. We work closely with you to build a robust security framework that reflects the unique needs, mission, and values of your organization. We view security through the lens of your organization, ensuring that our strategies are not just effective but also sustainable.

As an independent security risk management consulting firm, our focus is solely on you. We do not sell security equipment or services, nor are we affiliated with any vendors. Our independence allows us to provide unbiased advice tailored to your specific challenges.


Your trust is our priority. We uphold strict confidentiality standards to ensure that sensitive information remains secure. With us, you can rest assured that your security is in safe hands.

Security Consulting Recommendation for workplace violence prevention

We are the premier choice for independent security consulting.

Meet Your  Security Consultant  Joseph Paul Manley



Board Certified Workplace Violence & Threat Specialist

Joseph Paul Manley, Security and Workplace Violence Consultant


Joseph Paul Manley is the man behind the mission of Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC. Beyond his impressive credentials, Paul is a resolute family person, an avid sports fan, and an enthusiastic advocate for community safety.


Paul's journey into the world of security consulting was inspired by his own experiences and deep desire to create safer and more productive environments for everyone. His commitment to safety extends beyond his work. In his free time, Paul mentors  aspiring Criminal Justice and Security students, providing them with the tools and insights to excel in their careers. This mentorship is Paul's way of shaping future societal leaders.


Paul is known for his approachable demeanor and his ability to make complex security concepts easy to understand. His clients often praise his patience, his diligence, and his genuine care for their safety concerns.

Paul's favorite quote is "“The time is always right to do what is right.” - Martin Luther King Jr.


When Paul is not empowering lives, you can usually find him in Massachusetts or New Hampshire spending time with his family. So, come meet Joseph Paul Manley - a professional dedicated to your safety, a community advocate, and a lifelong learner.

Sample of Services Designed With the Client in Mind 

We will assess your individual needs in our initial consultation. Here is a summary of our security and workplace violence consulting services:

  • Security Vulnerability Assessments

  • Review of Existing Company Security Operations (personnel, policies, procedures, etc)

  • Review or Development of Crisis Management and/or Business Continuity Plans

  • Support After Violent Incidents

  • Travel, Meeting or Event Security Planning

  • Staff Training

  • Security and Workplace Violence Expert Witness Litigation Services

  • Review and Enhancement of Security Officer Programs

  • Conflict De-escalation Training

  • Virtual Director of Security Program

Here is what one Client said about their satisfaction. 


"Working with Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC (RMT) has brought a level of professionalism and sense of security to our team. We trust Paul's insight and advice and truly value the services that RMT provides to their clients. They are thorough and thoughtful, but also innovative and creative in their security solutions. We can't imagine being in better hands"


- Meredith George, Mederi Inc.

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