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Conflict Resolution and De-escalation Skills

Conflict is inevitable. Our Interactive training will help to keep your organization operating at a high level through all challenges.

How De-escalation Training Can Save Your Business


Conflicts can ruin your business. They can lead to:

  • Angry customers and bad reviews

  • Violent incidents and legal risks

  • Stressed employees and low productivity


But you can avoid these problems with our expert situational awareness and de-escalation training. We teach you how to manage any situation with confidence and professionalism.


Our training is:


  • Customized to your specific group and needs

  • Based on academic research and real-life experience

  • Interactive, engaging, and positive

  • Memorable and effective


We also offer training on situational awareness and workplace violence prevention, education, and mitigation.

Do not wait, contact us today and join our list of satisfied partners who have improved their customer loyalty, employee morale, and business success with our training.

Here is what one Client said about their satisfaction

“One of/if not the best conflict de-escalation training I have ever attended. Lieutenant's lecture was relatable, accurate, and captivating. I really enjoyed the class."

- Police Chief, Major Cities Chiefs Association

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