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Residential Security Consulting

Residential Home Security Checkups

At Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC, our residential home security checkups are predicated on more than 35 years of law enforcement and security management experience and research. We have studied most of the assessment methodologies and continue to keep up with the latest trends and developments in security and risk assessments.

Our recommendations for your residential home security checkup are intended to create multiple security layers. The more layers you have, the more difficult it becomes to force entry into your home. We will evaluate the safety of your neighborhood and identify weaknesses across your property so you can make the most valuable adaptations. We also recommend taking a close look at your family’s evacuation plans, sleeping, and storage areas to better identify and consider any lurking security risks or threats.

We tailor our residential home security checkups for each client, as we understand that each client has individual needs that are unique to them. Our purpose is to collaborate with you to build trust and provide quality services that promote professionalism, ensure fiscal responsibility, reduce the risk and fear of crime, and promote safety to give you the peace of mind you need and deserve. The cost widely varies on the extent of assessment and is dependent on several factors that I am happy to discuss with you. Give us a call to secure your inner peace. Take the initiative, and give your family, residents, customers, and employees peace of mind by having a residential home security checkup today!

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