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Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace Violence is the most prevalent security risk for today's businesses.

We are Security & Workplace Violence Prevention, Response, & Incident Recovery Experts

None of us wants to think that our workplace might be the scene of intimidation, threatening behavior, or something as dangerous as an active intruder. But preparing for the unthinkable is the best way to empower both ourselves and our employees with the know-how needed to constructively respond to violence, wherever or however that might happen.

The key to success is a philosophy around a safety-security mindset tied to an organizational response strategy that recognizes the importance of developing a flexibly integrated, collaborated, coordinated and communicated methodology that fixes your problems and addresses your concerns. 

Are you interested in creating a cost effective robust, agile and proactive methodology that sustains long term results on your investment that reflects your culture? You are at the right website!

Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC Security Consultants are Board-Certified Workplace Violence & Threat Specialists and provide consultation services for Workplace Violence Prevention, Education and Mitigation.

Our Security and Workplace Violence Prevention Consulting Services

No one size fits all approach to Workplace Violence and Domestic Violence, or Harassment Program will adequately and properly address your unique needs and risks, threats, culture, values, industry, history, functions, and budgets.

You do not have a true Workplace Violence Program if yours is composed mostly of statements of zero tolerance, banned weapons on site, active shooter plan and/or required reporting of threats or violent acts. 

Your people will not report just because there is a workplace violence policy. They must understand why, how, what and when to report. They must trust you to do the right thing!

We are often called following a workplace violence-related incident such as a threat, assault, or shooting, or when there is a perceived threat, and we advise as to reasonable, prudent, and cost-effective steps to take that meet your needs, values, culture, history, risks, vulnerabilities, and budgets.

Our planning reflects your industry and environment. The workplace violence risks, threats and plan differ greatly in environments such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, or office buildings.

There are four essential components of a proper workplace and domestic violence program, and yours should address each, including:

1. Prevention, largely addressed by employee and supervisory training and awareness, physical and procedural security measures, EAP and counseling resources, appropriate workplace violence and related policies and plans, and maintaining a civil and respectful workplace.

2. The Mitigation and De-escalation of threatening and otherwise potentially violent behavior, to include training employees in handling confrontational and aggressive behavior and robberies; planning for the safe handling of triggering or precipitating events such as terminations, disciplines, lay-offs, refusals of service, bad news and facility closings; and an early intervention multi-disciplinary Threat Management/Assessment Team and Process to identify, address and mitigate problematic situations.

3. Crisis and Duress Response, or safely responding to the actual attack or workplace violence situation including the active shooter. This includes internal and external communications steps and tools, Incident Command, best response options (i.e. lockdown, evacuation or shelter in place), identifying safe rooms and shelters, security staff roles, law enforcement liaison, etc.

4. Recovery, or reasonably assuring that those affected are cared for, recurrence will not happen and reputation is protected.

Workplace Violence Security Consulting Solutions 

Our workplace violence and threat management consulting solutions are tailored to deliver results in the following areas:

Strategic reviews of current workplace violence prevention & threat management programs, policies, procedures, and processes.

Policy development covering workplace violence & threat management programs.

Program development for all aspects of a workplace violence prevention & threat management program, including policies & procedures, best practices, communication & awareness campaigns, program frameworks, workflows, reporting mechanisms, metrics development & communication, and more.

Review threats, troubling behavior in the workplace, or other risks to assist or augment your internal capabilities. Lead threat assessment for organizations without internal capabilities.

Assistance evaluating threats of workplace violence, violent protests, targeted violence, or other threats.

Development and facilitation of exercises to practice and simulate workplace violence & threat management scenarios.

Post-incident review and after-action reporting following an incident or exercise to capture lessons learned and develop recommendations for improvement.

Support as a Trusted Advisor to leaders, program managers, security or human resources leaders, senior executives, and Boards of Directors following an incident.

Training stakeholders, threat assessment team members and leaders, corporate executives, frontline managers, and others on workplace violence prevention & threat management principals, processes, policy, reporting, and response.

Expert crisis communications and awareness support before, during, and after a critical incident.

Partnerships with service providers, such as employee assistance programs, threat assessment & suicide experts, and security specialists/providers.

Standards: ASIS/SHRM Workplace Violence Prevention & Active Assailant Standard.

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