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Awareness Tips for Travelers and Airline Personnel

Updated: Aug 7

Safety Tips for Travelers and Airline Personnel

Please review these 9 awareness tip for travelers and airline personnel that I recommend.

1. Never talk about your plans or where you are staying while on the plane or anywhere in the airport. Especially if you're traveling solo. You never know who is listening. This means paying attention if you're talking on your phone sometimes you can forget that there are others around listening. The same holds true when you arrive at your place of lodging. Don't announce your room number to your fellow travelers. Instead, write it on a piece of paper and hand it to them.

2. Prop your bags against the door of your hotel room and inspect it before closing the door behind you. In case an assailant is hiding in your room, you can get out quickly.

3. Hotel rooms with adjoining doors are simply not as safe or secure as compared to rooms without an adjoining door. If you are assigned a room with an adjoining door, ask to be moved to a room without an adjoining door.

4. Use the deadbolt! People have walked into the wrong room because the hotel inadvertently gave a key to a room already occupied. This will also stop housekeeping from coming in while you're in the shower should you forget the do not disturb sign.

5. What if you hear a knock at the door, but you didn't order room service or call for anything? Do not open the door for anyone you're not sure of. Call the front desk when in doubt.

6. Leave your television on when you leave your room. A thief is less likely to enter if they think the room is occupied.

7. Leave a note on the nightstand when you go out with a description of yourself and your plans. This way if something happens to you, the police have something to go on. Never leave your Airline ID Badge in your room. Always take your airline ID badge with you.

8. Know your exits! Leave a travel flashlight and a room key close to the door. In case of a fire grab both on your way out. If you encounter thick smoke or fire down the hall, you can re-enter your room and call for help.

9. Before you check out of your hotel room, take a look everywhere in your room to be sure you did not leave anything behind.

Taking these simple awareness tips for travelers and airline personnel because staying aware of your surroundings will go a long way in keeping you safe!


Joseph “Paul” Manley ("Paul") is the Principal Consultant and Founder of Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC, a Training and independent security management consulting firm with a focus on violence detection, prevention, response and recovery. Paul is a retired Massachusetts Police Lieutenant, security expert and trainer.

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