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De-escalation Training

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Your safety may depend on your conflict management style. Therefore, it is important to develop strategies for ensuring personal safety in potentially stressful situations. This is where our Crisis Management and De-escalation Training comes into play.



In any conflict, you have a choice

✓ Escalate the incident further
✓ De-escalate the situation


How you de-escalate can have great benefits for any organization

✓ Less workplace violence incidents
✓ Less use of force incidents
✓ Decreased disciplinary actions
✓ Decreased customer complaints
✓ Increased customer satisfaction

Our Crisis Management and De-escalation Training course is based upon over 30 years’ experience in working on the front lines of crisis, and is comprised of simple, effective and realistic de-escalation skills presented in a highly-engaging and thought-provoking interactive learning session designed for improving overall responses to crisis situations.



✓ Learn about the best ways to approach and understand a potentially dangerous or threatening situation
✓ Develop strategies for improving your overall response to crisis event.


Our programs are practical and engaging, designed to raise awareness without creating fear, and focus on developing new behaviors. Knowledge is key! Want to learn more about being prepared to De-escalate a situation at work, or at home? Give us a call. We are always here to help.

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