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Workplace Violence Prevention Security Consulting

Workplace Violence Prevention & Threat Management Programs

Security & Workplace Violence Consulting

At Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC, we empower organizations to prevent workplace violence with personalized security solutions based on thorough risk assessments and comprehensive employee training. We understand that no one wants to imagine their workplace being a scene of intimidation or violence. However, preparing for the unthinkable is the best way to empower ourselves and our employees.

Our Philosophy


Our success lies in fostering a safety-security mindset tied to an organizational response strategy. We believe in developing a flexibly integrated, collaborated, coordinated, and communicated methodology that addresses your unique concerns and challenges.


Why Choose Us?


Are you looking for a cost-effective, robust, and proactive approach that yields long-term results and reflects your organization's culture? You've come to the right place! Our Board-Certified Workplace Violence & Threat Specialists provide consultation services for Workplace Violence Prevention, Education, and Mitigation.


Our Services


We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach will not adequately address your unique needs, risks, threats, culture, values, industry, history, functions, and budgets. Our services are often sought after incidents such as threats, assaults, or perceived threats, and we provide reasonable, prudent, and cost-effective steps tailored to your needs.


A true Workplace Violence Program goes beyond statements of zero tolerance and required reporting of threats or violent acts. It should encompass:


  • Prevention: Employee and supervisory training, physical and procedural security measures, appropriate policies and plans, and maintaining a civil and respectful workplace.

  • Mitigation and De-escalation: Training employees in handling confrontational behavior, planning for triggering events, and an early intervention multi-disciplinary Threat Management Team.

  • Crisis and Duress Response: Safely responding to an actual attack or workplace violence situation, including internal and external communications steps and tools.


Trust Us to Do the Right Thing


Your people will not report just because there is a workplace violence policy. They must understand why, how, what, and when to report. They must trust you to do the right thing! We're here to help build that trust.

Post-Incident Recovery and Assurance

In the unfortunate event of a workplace violence incident, our commitment to your organization continues. We provide guidance on recovery efforts to ensure a return to normalcy with minimal disruption. Our approach includes:

  • Emotional Support: Access to counseling resources for affected employees.

  • Operational Continuity: Strategies to resume business operations swiftly and safely.

  • Review and Learn: Analyzing the incident to improve future prevention and response plans.

We believe that recovery is a crucial part of the workplace violence prevention cycle, offering both healing and strengthening of your organization’s resilience.


Contact us today to learn more about how can help you prevent incidents of workplace violence.



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