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Case Studies

A case study is a piece of content that sheds light on the challenges faced, solutions adopted, and the overall outcomes of a project.

Special Event Security Consulting Case Study

The organizers of a high-profile annual event were concerned about their ability to react effectively to disruptive incidents that might occur at the annual Haunted Happenings events taking place at a downtown Salem, Massachusetts hotel.


There were layers of uncoordinated security infrastructure including the private security teams of high net worth and celebrity attendees, high profile political and government officials as well as government security forces, and emergency services.

Special Event Security Consulting Case Study

Astroworld Festival: Major Event Security Case Study

We thank Paul Manley for his analysis based on the publicly available information related to the Astroworld Festival. 

Major Event Security Case Study


Reviewing first responder line of duty death data from multiple sources is challenging and presented several limitations. Each source captured and presented different data. Some sources included a narrative of the circumstances with each listing while others did not.


Some sources provided agency contact information and others did not. Several factors impact the accuracy of these sites and their data. For example, a practitioner may succumb to injury or an occupational related illness days, months or years after the event and it may skew the data reported in a given calendar year. Suicide outpaces all other causes of death, yet it continues to be underreported an

Public Safety Case Study

Education Security Consulting Case Study

A K-6 elementary school in Massachusetts was looking for a comprehensive security program. Main building on campus and monitoring vehicle traffic provided unique security challenges.


Challenge: The school sought recommendations on improving the institute’s overall security program and a way to monitor traffic flow in and out of the campus. Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC was contacted to see what security solutions it could provide.

Education Security Consulting Case Study

Project Manager - 2017 Line of Duty Annual Report

It is an honor to serve on the IPSA Memorial Committee and it’s a privilege to work with the men and women who serve with me.


The International Public Safety Association Memorial Committee was established to monitor line of duty deaths to honor the supreme sacrifice of our brave and heroic first responders and to review LODD data for trends, patterns and anomalies so the IPSA can develop recommended policies and changes that improve safety.


Our report is dedicated to the fallen. It is dedicated to their families and loved ones who have suffered such terrible losses. It is dedicated to their agencies who lost colleagues, friends and confidants. 


Finally, this report is dedicated to the public safety community, who with the loss of every member: experience, expertise, contribution and camaraderie are also lost.

Project Management Case Study

Education Security Consulting Case Study

In the heart of Massachusetts, just a stone's throw from Boston, lies an independent day school that recognized the importance of fortifying its security measures. The school sought the expertise of Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC, a leading security consulting firm, to conduct a comprehensive security assessment of their campus and surrounding environment. Their goal was to gain a deeper understanding of the threats, risks, and vulnerabilities they faced as an educational institution and to identify the most effective strategies to mitigate these concerns. .

Education Security Consulting Case Study

This case study demonstrates that de-escalation training can have positive impacts on both customers and employees in the retail sector. 

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